Shell Scenarios: the challenges of urbanisation

Hosted by Jeremy Bentham, Vice President of Global Business Environment

Session closed July 22, 2014

Thank you for joining us for the live text webchat, as Jeremy Bentham, Shell Vice President Global Business Environment, and a panel of experts answered your questions in “Shell Scenarios: the challenges of urbanisation” webchat on Tuesday 22nd July 2014. Take a look at the highlights of the event here.

By 2050, the world’s population will grow from seven billion to nine billion – around three quarters of whom will live in cities.

Urbanisation can bring benefits, but if managed poorly could lead to declining quality of life, greater environmental degradation and political turbulence.

Shell’s report “New Lenses on Future Cities”, explores the energy implications of urbanisation, defines different city archetypes, considers their evolution and reviews the conditions which shape how cities respond to change.


Shining a new light on future cities

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