Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050 webchat

Jeremy Bentham, VP, Global Business Environment, Shell

Session closed May 15, 2008

In 2100 the world’s energy system will be drastically different from today’s. Renewable and nuclear energy will be more widely used and humans will have found ways of dealing with air pollution and greenhouse gasses. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? But of course much depends on how we get there. Shell have outlined two possible routes in their new Scenarios to 2050: Scramble and Blueprints.

In the first route, Scramble, nations rush to secure energy resources for themselves, fearing that energy security is a zero-sum game, with clear winners and losers. Policymakers pay little attention to curbing energy consumption, supplies run short and greenhouse gas emissions are not addressed until major shocks trigger political reactions. Too little too late? You bet.

The second scenario however, Blueprints, is more positive. Coalitions emerge to take on the challenges of economic development, energy security, and environmental pollution through cross-border cooperation. National governments introduce efficiency standards, taxes, and other policy instruments to improve the environmental performance of buildings, vehicles, and transport fuels.

Of course, these are only brief overviews of the two scenarios – and there is much more to both of them. Jeremy Bentham discussed them, and the possibility of reaching a sustainable energy future, in much more depth in his webchat

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